Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

Ahmad Candra

Contract furniture Jepara

Although Jepara is city where most of furniture business is done, but kind of contract furniture business in Indonesia is not mainly focus in those city. Most of furniture business and furniture manufacture in Jepara, usually is common wholesaler and retailer furniture type of transaction. While the contract furniture business in Indonesia tend to spread in some of city like Solo, Semarang, Jakarta, Bandung etc.

Among few of furniture manufacturer which doing contract furniture business, there is a furniture manufacturer named "Hotel Supply Furniture", which is division of a big furniture company named "WISANKA, PT.". Under the main company support, Hotel Supply Furniture show good performance to local market also to international worldwide market. They have tight procedure and focus to catch tight schedule which usually required in contract furniture type.

Hotel supply furniture producing furniture for whole hotel room furniture. Bedroom, living room, dining room, patio, lobby etc. They have complete sets of product range developed special for hotel and hospitality purpose. For detail information about this company and product you can visit their website at : you also can see their portfolio of contract furniture.